Wander and get lost in Ogden! The trail melts out in mid spring. This endless system of singletrack is rugged, technical and steep, but has more opportunities to open it up than the tight trail systems that are typical of ski resorts. Fifteen minutes of pedaling on any piece of the singletrack puts you above the city. Footbridges have been installed at strategic water crossings and the transitions from the trail to the bridges are typically seamless. However, that 30-mile Olympic-caliber section of trail represents about 10% of what's available to fat tire fanatics in this area. Length: varied Difficulty: Easy to Difficult Elevation: 4,400’ to 5,680’. If you check out the various Utah online and printed mountain bike guides, you'll see that the Skyline Trail is considered "must ride" singletrack for its long, demanding climbs, wildflowers and unbelievable views as you ride the ridge between the Ogden metropolitan area to the west and lush Ogden Valley to the east. All rights reserved. Jim Lynn Overlook -Point Rock Boardwalk The stunning view from a 1,000-foot scenic overlook is one of the many treasures that keep visitors coming back!