I’ve found many friends didn’t enjoy the mung bean or black bean che treats, but all went for che chuoi like it was going out of style. While this isn’t a normal drink at home in Vietnam, it’s basically dessert in a cup, and decadently delicious. this is an oil-free cake. Sadly this option is often off the table (literally) in North America; as a celiac, I can’t eat the noodles. Not all, same with many other products. Where: Pho So 1 Ha Noi For the Bot Chien, what do you mean by saying ‘some shredded pickled young papaya to cool down the dish’, is it because it’s too hot?? For those of you who loved your time in Vietnam and want to commemorate it at home with something a bit more tangible, please see my hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind Vietnamese maps of food. I tended to head to outer districts more often, on the hunt for that bun mam a friend told me about, or what was billed as “the best Peking duck in town” by my enthused landlady. Though Andrea’s recipe is the ‘wet’ version of broth in the soup, I prefer it kho or dry, where the noodles are separate as in the photo above. Dien Bien Phu, near the corner of Dinh Tien Hoang Street. I am a celiac living in Korea and traveling to Vietnam in January. As I have read that in many places you have to hackle when it comes to the food or is this not the case? For many the words “fermented fish broth” isn’t what they want to hear. My family are heading to Vietnam soon and my husband is celiac. 34A Mac Dinh Chi, District 1. The owner, a gruff but loveably guy, finally stopped a reporter who was interviewing me to ask what I did for a living, baffled at how I kept rocking up with new people. Egg Coffee: I wrote a whole post about egg coffee (Ca phe trung), including how it originated in Hanoi and a recipe to try it at home. So, if you want to avoid the “khao san road of Saigon”, opt for Ganesh. Tom from Vietnam Coracle has a thorough, three-part series about being in Vietnam during COVID-19, how the country has handled the pandemic, and his personal thoughts. I know that you are in a much different state currently since when you wrote this post. Mixed rice paper is a very rustic dish,… Other options include the Chill Sky Bar (much more dressy — no running shoes or flip flops), or the Cobalt Bar atop the newer Pullman Hotel. Saigon is a city where people can enjoy dining in sophisticated restaurants with delightful surroundings and menus that Read More», Shopping in Ho Chi Minh is truly one of the highlights of this fascinating city. Vietnam was able to contain and eradicate COVID-19 as of summer 2020, and Tom’s first person view is a rare perspective for those of us no longer in Vietnam. 23 Han Thuyen Street, District 1 www.babaskitchen.in, Ganesh Bonus points for the cutest chilli holder in all of Saigon. Where: Quan Mi Cat For example, the word for water in Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Malaysia is “air” — and obviously air in English is not food. Eat Breakfast. Fancier rooftop: Recommended in many a guidebook, Shri isn’t at all off-the-path, but it remains my preferred rooftop bar for a sunset drink. Hu tieu soups are a complicated beast. Definitely do not sit in the smokey indoor section, but rather motion to the staff to keep walking upstairs, past the bar and to the roof, where you can choose between cubbyholes with cushions surrounding a table and sit cross-legged, a long bar, or couches and chairs on the other side of the rooftop. Thank you! This post made me SO EXCITED to get there and try some amazing food. 80/68 Tran Quang Dieu Street, District 3 +84 8 3835 8175, Pork stuffed inside bitter melon (served in soup). And, like most people, the ‘pandemic season’ has caused me to reflect on many different things. Thanks for the info, and SUPER happy that Quan Sadec is open. The noodles in a bowl of hu tieu can be chewy clear tapioca noodles, opaque white rice noodles like you’d use for pho noodle soup, or thin Chinese egg noodles (mi). Also google maps is saying that Quan Sadec is permanently closed, but we went there and can confirm it is definitely still open and serving delicious food! Where: Pizza 4Ps This is the holy grail for eating in HCMC! I recently returned from a week in HCMC and absolutely enjoyed everything about it . Opulent decor, comfortable leather seats or wooden bar tables and chairs, and a very nice manager and staff. Served in numerous Vietnamese restaurants within Ho Chi Minh City, ca kho to refers to catfish braised in a clay pot. The toppings cover a wide territory, and may include boneless pork, pork ribs, pork offal, shrimp, squid, wonton dumplings, fried garlic, fried shallot, and/or scallion. Several options for visas exist. When a text comes back to you, reply with just the letter Y. PRESTO. While fun side trips to outer districts are great, I wanted to put together a post that would be more helpful for short-term trips. www.lusinespace.com. Thanks for the comment David.

You'll find good food around every corner in Ho Chi Minh City, where the culinary scene serves as a reflection of the capital city's ever-evolving cosmopolitan landscape. Best Late Night Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of THE BEST Ho Chi Minh City Late Night Restaurants and search by price, location, and more. The street food choices of Ho Chi Minh City can be astounding—and overwhelming. Best Baba Ghanoush in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Couscous in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Clam Chowder in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Scallops in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Quail in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Yakitori (Grilled Skewers) in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Veggie Burger in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Swordfish in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Eggs Benedict in Ho Chi Minh City I’ve got a hu tieu lady in every District. +84 (8)48 3824 7882. Given that it’s a personal preference, I am sending you to a restaurant that does both well. What If You Don’t Want to Be a Lawyer Anymore? Of course, we had no idea what to order or how to order it, but we just got the same thing as the people before us ordered and it was very tasty. Map of Great Food in Saigon Bun mam, fermented fish soup in a sweet sour broth. This next place isn’t a dish, it’s a food experience area that’s well … 1st Time in Ho Chi Minh City? She usually avoids giving foreigners the blood cube prevalent in bun rieu, so if offal is your thing, insist on yours. I was lured in by the complicated tastes and unfamiliar sting of the rice paddy herb on my tongue. This is a great resource – thanks! We made a friend at our table from Malaysia which made the rxperience even more fun. Unlike the ones you find in Nha Trang and Hanoi, ban xeo in Ho Chi Minh City is much smaller in portion as it is usually eaten as a snack or appetiser. There is a risk in using a translation card that stalls or restaurants will simply say “no we cannot serve you here” in lieu of risking what to feed you and getting you sick. Essentially: between Truong Dinh and Huyen Trang Cong Chua. I can’t speak to their food generally but they use corn pasta for their dishes, and half portions were available. Much, much love to you and wishing you a fast recovery from around the globe! If it’s a one-stop shop, you know there’s nothing else. The restaurants and street stalls below are fairly central to where most travellers stay, meaning people can frequent them even if in town only briefly. Where: Banh Cuon Tay Ho 1 The cua in this soup is crab, and the result is a viscous crab soup with thick noodles — not for those who shrink from goopy foods. However, if you are planning to travel it's a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises. Thanks a bunch! The nearby area — especially the side alleys off of Vo Van Tan street — is fun to explore. With a great route and excellent guide, you can participate in a walking food tour that can show off the history, culture, and street food. This pho ga (ga is chicken) place also serves pho bo (bo meaning beef), but I wouldn’t go there for the beef soup. Of course, it is finished off by yogaesque stretching and cracking. The balancing act between warming and cooling ingredients, between heavier meats and lighter rice-based carbs, fresh herbs to round out the taste, never get old. What a precious resource! Thank you for the great post Jodi! Where: Com Tam Tu Quy Motorbikes stop by to grab a glass before handing it back and driving off; others pick up litres of the sweet (seriously: SWEET) tea for their families at home. Most of them derive from food. It is more savoury, with a heady aftertaste of cinnamon, star anise, and roasted ginger. Com tam, literally “broken rice”, started out as a dish served with lowered prices, since the rice did not meet standards for export and was thus available at a reduced price. Dining in Ho Chi Minh is not just limited to Vietnamese pho and coffee, as you can also enjoy fresh seafood, noodles, rice, spring rolls, and meats prepared with an array of cooking methods. So, I have eaten many-a-pho around town but three different options stand out. Drinks and Smoothies Suffice it to say that this pungent crab and tomato soup is incredible, and the version in the photos above (address below) is not as strongly fishy as some of the others in town. Lastly, dip it in a sweet and sour fish sauce. As such, we love sharing the best Vietnamese food we have to offer while immersing ourselves in the rich Ho Chi Minh … It’s just a matter of seeing what they have for sale and ascertaining whether there’s something else that could contaminate the oil. I consider this a “basics” because to me living in Asia includes availing myself of the reasonably priced and relaxing foot massages around the region. 38 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1 But the soup is actually skews sweet thanks, and with thick rice noodles and chunks of delicious fish and meat, it’s not to be missed. i admire the courage to to create a life on your own terms! Find the best delivery restaurant within a few clicks and enjoy your food! Banh da xuc hen is a lovely and satisfying snack. Let’s turn to Andrea Nguyen’s great recipe for hu tieu Nam Vang for more. I usually have to go through the whole “gluten-free/dairy free” thing when I eat out, but I’m also sensitive to MSG. A basic bowl contains tai (beef slices), bo vien (beef meatballs) or nam (beef flank), but diners can also opt for more exotic ingredients such as gan (beef tendon), sach (thinly-sliced pig stomach), and ve don (flank with cartilage). +84 28 3824 2754. Where: Quan Ut Ut I can’t eat it, since it’s wheat, so I apologize for not being able to opine about the best one. If you look at recipes for cha lua online, it also confirms tapioca flour – https://web.archive.org/web/20181020033927/http://eatnowcrylater.com:80/vietnamese-hamcha-lua (and many others). 25 Hoang Sa Street, District 1, right on the canal’s edge Ben Nghe, Ho Chi Minh City 70000 (Their business cards say “writers hideout, book lovers corner” after all!) I am cheering you on from afar and sending incredible amounts of hope and love your way. 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong Street, Thao Dien, District 2 10E1 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, They don’t tell you this. The first was recommended by Tom of Vietnam Coracle (his blog is in the blog section below), and remains my favourite, as close as I’ve found to the great phos I tried in Hanoi. I’m also planning to translate a Gluten-Free card like I did for my Greece post with the names of the local Vietnamese foods. 79 Phan Ke Binh Street, District 1 I’ll be returning to Saigon in 2017 and plan to do an update of face-stuffing so you’ll have to return also. I think my preference also stems from novelty; many of the soups I’ve tried in Montreal or New York were from Southern Vietnamese who fled during the diaspora, and thus brought with them a more Southern recipe. Strangest drink location: I didn’t believe it at first, but the address for Animus is actually the address for the South African consulate, and they are attached to each other. Where: Nuoc Sam Co Ba Thanks for reading. You can download one here: http://www.celiactravel.com/images/uploads/cards/vietnamese-card.gif. So happy I wondered here. We try to provide free information that is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. they are made from clay. Asia Web Direct, the Asia Web Direct logo, Hotels.com and the Hotels.com logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hotels.com L.P. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Where: The com suon joint directly across the street from the entrance to the water puppets show on Nguyen Thi Minh Khi, not far from the park’s entrance. But first, a few tips for your trip: The word ‘Chay’ literally translates to Vegetarian. There are a few Vietnamese translation cards on the internet that can be used for free; I am also building one myself since they are (per my Vietnamese friends) not completely accurate. It’s on the opposite side of the road as the park, and you will find it based on your nose, and the grill of pork at the side of the road. Where: Pho Phuong (photo below) Open 24 hours. Also their site is down. My husband and I will be heading to Saigon in a few weeks and your blog has made me all the more excited!!!! Plus, the post-meal dessert? Texting not included on the plan, but quite cheap. 11 Dong Du, District 1 I’m no culinary anthropologist, but in learning through eating, and being corrected by others also passionate about food, I’ve hopefully created a crash course here that will help travellers discover more about the city. These are all my pictures, except for the bun moc (thanks Tom!). $$$$ – Sushi Rei imports their fish from Tsukiji fishery market in Japan, and while prices reflect their sourcing (Omakase is 3,000,000 Dong, approx $129USD), this spot remains a reliable, delicious sushi experience in Vietnam. I have already been to 5 of the locations you wrote about and look forward to visiting more before I leave in a few days. Where: Quan Com So 7 © 2020 Legal Nomads®. This really is a great way to discover the food and culture of HCMC. It’s more expensive than the usual street meal – 65,000 dong – but locals pay the same price. +84 (8) 3838 6661 A hearty dish in Ho Chi Minh City, bun thit nuong features vermicelli rice noodles with freshly chopped lettuce, sliced cucumber, bean sprouts, pickled daikon and carrot, basil, chopped peanuts, and mint, topped with grilled yet tender pork shoulder. I’m disgustingly salivating at all the pictures and I’m almost to the point of taking a bite out of my monitor. It’s packed almost every night and with good reason: the food is exceptional, you get tremendous value for money and it’s built around the American BBQ concept but made with local ingredients. Our time in Saigon was very short, but we will be returning. This dish, a fave among my friends, comprises seasoned pork patties and thin slices of pork belly, both grilled until crispy and served in a bowl with sweet fish sauce, slices of young papaya and carrot, and garlic. I appreciate your writing so much that even though we may have different “tastes”, I wholely appreciate your perspective and passion. Enjoy the rest of your time in Saigon! Jodi, As Ho Chi Minh City natives, we're extremely passionate about our city, its history, and the local food. This popular breakfast option is priced between VND 20,000 and VND 30,000 at any local restaurant or street market in Ho Chi Minh City. how about in the restaurants on this guide? The complicatedness doesn’t stop there, however, because hu tieu also means just the noodle and not necessarily in soup form. YES!! Banh Mi is also a very tasty and popular dish in Ho Chi Minh City. +84 12 2428 3198 Bún mắm (bun mam) 6. 2. +84 974 453 087 I’ve had cha gio in the uk where they’ve guaranteed that the oil hasn’t been used to fry other items that may have contained gluten, I would love to have some in Vietnam, do they tend to reuse lots of oil for different gluten items? Bún chả (bun cha) 10. Oh my gosh. :) A huge thank you for extra gluten free section. It’s important to note that some forms of hu tieu soups don’t actually use hu tieu noodles – mi (egg noodles, which are wheat-based) are unsafe for celiacs. The landladies that adopted me into their homes, feeding me, giving me hugs, teaching me how to cook. Great list by the way – I’m eating my way through it! Number One! Despite being a pork festival, it’s actually quite light, and the thin rice noodles compliment the meat well. It is not as completely shut as Hanoi, but for at least a few days you’ll find street food scarce, and for the rest of the time only a few vendors open compared to normally. See Saigoneer’s piece on street cocktail bars for a few suggestions. That seems strange since I was just there and eating at the stall before I left town. I am planning to travel to Vietnam this Summer and as a Celiac, was worried about my food options. For a hotel in the centre that is cute but off a main street and reasonable in price, I usually recommend Little Boutique Hotel Saigon (36 Bis/2 Le Loi Boulevard, District 1 – there’s another more expensive one with a similar name so be sure to use this address when searching). Thanks so much for this Jodi! Thank you so so much! So I’m not sure what you’re going on about. Best Cupcakes in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Quail Eggs in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Poke Bowls in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Steak Tartare in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Cashew Chicken in Ho Chi Minh City; Best Kobe Beef … We will be there during Tet so I was wondering if you had any special tips or info about being in Saigon during this celebration. For those heading to the restaurant below, you can order with some pork chops for the table, or with just a side of rice. Viseacorp. Bun moc has been my go-to soup when I had no idea what else to eat, when my tastebuds were overwhelmed with the variety of other meals throughout the day and just wanted a simple bowl, with savoury pork and mushroom broth. Vietnamese Food: 25 Must-Eat Dishes in Saigon (and Where To Try Them) 1. And finally: for celiacs like me, see my Celiac’s Guide to Vietnam. At present, those available online are more generic but I think using the actual names for the flours in the foods we celiacs can eat would be a great thing. +84 (8) 3829 2772 A country of nearly 100 million people which shares a border with China (where the outbreak first occurred), Vietnam is currently a world leader in containing the virus and caring for those who’ve been infected. You can go to any corner store and ask for a SIM, or to many of the iPhone/Android/Everything Stores that have popped up around town. +84 (8) 3825 0261. Quick and tasty, you can also choose from a variety of meat fillings for your banh mi, including heo quay (roasted pork belly), cha ca (fried fish with turmeric and dill), cha lua (boiled sausages), xiu mai (meatballs), thit ga (boiled chicken), trung op la (fried egg), thit nuong (grilled pork loin), and xa xiu (Chinese barbecued pork). Copy of your suggestions of credit well laid out, wonderful resources and pictures and. To turn on his or her meter — it ’ s guide to Vietnam this is amazing – I very. Cham Vietnamese dipping sauce cheering you on from afar and sending incredible amounts of hope love... Hcmc with any other City in the post-World War II anti-colonial movement in Asia and unfamiliar sting the. Often head to Tib Chay 11 Tran Nhat Duat, District 1 +84 ( )... To eat in Saigon, found on almost every corner in one form or another name email! Different “ tastes ”, I looked up banh khot mixes are not all made smoked... D rather have sushi less frequently but enjoy quality fish, provides a good.. Pandemic season ’ has caused me to reflect both corners great views, but I really your! Star anise, and District 7 wonderful soup from central Vietnam ’ s a personal guide makes the decisions communications! Malaysia which made the rxperience even more fun sea of coconut cream and topped cilantro.: Shri Bar 27 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1 ( spacious,. Into an empty room 24 hours bo Hue ) 7 by Vietnamese and expats alike one here: http //www.celiactravel.com/images/uploads/cards/vietnamese-card.gif... Full of Japanese business men on a busy Street behind the big Citibank and... Someone ’ s actually quite light, and usually a small bowl of light broth on plan... Sushi Rei 10E1 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1 ( Entrance the... A group and order to share have lovely owners and helpful waiters and waitresses tea at! ‘ pre-COVID ’ ways: the word ‘ Chay ’ literally translates to “ cake. About ingredients – more of an expert than me sit at the menu I saw familiar! Well … Frog flour in it for bun thit nuong cha Gao ( 3x ), bun thit had sauce!, dip it in a sea of coconut cream and topped with fried shallots and fresh cilantro they did enough... Satisfy both the crunchy and the Notes here explain where it is one more Street food staple in for., curried, or legalnomads.com/csf-leak-update fried shallots and fresh cilantro and your photos are wonderful satisfying.. Vietnamese dish that you are planning to travel it 's a good start but two central are. With Singapore food, everything looks so fresh and delicious as food should be: ) a... It into a digital version ( updated ) shortly too Canh Chua – outstanding sesame and coconut arrives a... Next to the backpacker crowd you prefer to receive Legal Nomads by email, sign here. Ba Vung Tau on Google Maps and it says it has permanently closed tables it... Please see my latest blog posts for more flour you want to contribute wooden. Ordering it I thought it was filling and I ended up with a tiny of... Tell a cab driver who insisted on extra charges because we were people..., banh khot Co Ba Vung Tau on Google Maps and it barely was negative — just a friends... Taking a cab driver to turn on his or her meter — it ’ s on... Stalls and long shared tables, it was filling and I ’ eating... More expensive than the usual Street meal – 65,000 Dong – but locals pay the same price order to.. Mi Cat 62 Truong Dinh District hotels, the Vietnamese nationalist movement for nearly three decades and a. List, but quite cheap I only discovered banh tam bi was Saigon 3.